Mobile Application Development - Ecommerce


  • Ecommerce Website – Complete web designing of the store with all the e-commerce functionalities.
  • Branding – Making a brand logo. Giving a universal theme to the product and maintaining it throughout.
  • Web Push Notifications – Keep your customers in the loop with unlimited mobile web/app push notifications.
  • Light Weight attractive designs – We make websites/apps speak and represent lively with designs.
  • SEO – On-Page SEO of Website for better search engine ranking.
  • Hosting and Fast Loading Speed The plan includes hosting and we optimize the website for fast loading speed.
  • SSL Certificate and Web Security – Website security protects the content from external attacks.
  • Professional Email – Setting up of professional Email.
  • Payment Gateway – Razorpay and Paypal payment gateway integration.
  • Delivery Integration – Integration of delivery with ship rocket, FedEx, etc